Huemn, Blood is brave.

Huemn – a ready-to-wear fashion brand inspired by the life cycle of a human, everything that makes a human, by humans, for the humans. Native to India, Huemn (pronounced human) is making it global with a presence in the middle-east, Japan, Europe, China, and the States fuelled by its latest 10th anniversary collaboration with PepsiCo. Huemn holds upon its shoulders the responsibility to revive androgynous fashion and does so effortlessly, with its valued capsule collections like- ‘Love’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Huemn COLLECTION.


Huemn’s Blood Collection portrays the flow beneath the skin in the form of a new layer to the skin.

Pranav Misra (Co-Founder & CEO Huemn) Shyma Shetty (Co-Founder Huemn)

Blood isn’t just life’s elixir internally but it is much more than that.

Prolifically, blood is an extension of your past- encompassing generations, representing creeds and troops. It is a testament of families and togetherness, and as a feeling – blood is pride. Visually, blood somehow depicts duality – a reverence of bravery of the bleeder and homage of pity by the viewer’s.

Huemn Blood Washed Distressed Edge Denim Blazer

Duality so complex it can be reversed. Bleeding could be self-pity and viewers can turn providers of boosts of bravery. It is strong and weak both, it is indestructible yet made from destruction. It is the liquid red representative of duality, much like human behaviour, knowing that it’s crumbling inside but holding it all up with a crinkled smile. 


It is all about perception, but on the other hand, there exists a notion, blood is often perceived as a mark of shame when it appears on a women’s pants now what if it’s blotched all over clothing? It’s bold. It’s Huemn. It’s human.

Huemn Blood Washed Shirt (Hot Pink)

The blood collection is made of one-of-one pieces in hues of mint, lilac, hot pink, blue, white, and black. The cool and summery colors represent an empath’s heart, the brazen red, black and browns represent the brave, the bold. It is handcrafted and a 10-color shade range has been handpicked to form the blood collection color palate by artists of India, promoting the spirit of ‘Made in India’ wider and noteworthily louder with its iconic cottage-goth-core blood splotches. These splotches are made with an extensive seven-step dying process to achieve the tonalities from red to deep red to brown and finally black. Designed on acid wash denim and cotton.

Handcrafted Huemn Blood Washed Tote (Black)

Silhouettes of the blood collection include blazer and pants, skinny crop tops, flap pocket sweatpants, T shirts, shirts and editorial tote bags. Adorned with elements of rushed edges, blue splatter and signature textures. This is Huemn’s blood collection to you.
Huemn to human.