Jahan Rugs: Six Generation Rug Lineage

Jahan Rugs has opened a market for rugs where people have started making rugs taking inspiration from them. Every rug manufacturer/company takes references from Jahan Rugs from all around the world.

Jahan Rugs started in 1925. They come from a lineage of the first non-British rug manufacturing companies (Abbas Wazir Pvt. Ltd., est. 1925) in British India, which branched out to many companies, including Jahan Rugs.

Kirby and Chrome Hearts Rug

They started the trend with making rugs of anime characters, album covers, comics, Persian patterns on a Murakami flower, famous references from pop culture, and he is well known for his Glitched Persian Rugs.

Jahan Rugs comes with the experience of six generations and a century-old family business with expertise in exporting the best and highest quality carpets in the world.

Uzi x JuiceWRLD x Sasuke x Lyrical Lemonade Rug

They were on an Explore page on Instagram when they uploaded a Uzi x JuiceWRLD x Sasuke x Lyrical Lemonade Rug on August 31, 2020, which started a trend of rugs with pop culture references.

Hamid Waziri (co-owner of Jahan Rugs) got the design from Andrew Mok, aka @yolocaloffgod, 15 years old(then),) who is a Chinese fashion designer, model, and entrepreneur who’s famous for his graphics and Air Pod Max attachments in 2022.

Blond and Persian Murakami Rug

They also made a Blond rug and a Murakami rug. After that, it became the trend to make Muraki flower rugs, and it was on October 23rd, 2020.

Chainsaw Man Rug (left), Custom Peso Rug (top right) and Dragonball Nimbus Rug (bottom right)

The hand-knOtted custom Chainsaw Man Rug took off from the internet and was made in 28 custom dyed colours and 150 knots per square inch (5 x 27 t). Custom logo rug for @jstin @pesoclo
Handtufted in custom dyed New Zealand wool. 1 of 1. Not for sale.


Persian Melt Hand-knotted Runner (left) and Richard Hutten's Glitch Rug (Right)

The Glitch Persian Rug is an authentic Persian rug with a Glitch twist, taking inspiration from Richard Hutten, who is known for his playful designs like the Glitch rug. They fused the idea of a hand-knotted Persian rug with Hutten’s Glitch design.

The Glitch Persian Rug started a new trend of rugs and got them featured on multiple accounts, including hidden.ny, a famous culture curating company known for posting the best, most rare collectibles on the planet.

In the rug business, Jahan Rugs is distinguished by their unique Glitch Persian Rug pattern, which is in high demand.